Brass Inserts

Brass Inserts

We are pioneer manufacturer of Brass threaded inserts for plastics industries, communication equipments, automotive industries, electrical & Wiring device cases etc. We offer a full line of brass inserts for all methods of installation, including: ultrasonic, heat, thermal, predd-in and mold-in. These parts are use in switch contacts, moulding inserts, and different varieties used for modular switches, MCBs, MCCBs.

Although we produce various brass inserts as per custom design & specification, we have standard series of Threaded Inserts such as Straight Hole, Blind (Closed bottom), Collar Inserts, Ultrasonic, Press in, Tri Slotted Inserts etc.

Collar Series inserts provides Options to use Flange to make Electric Contact

Ultrasonic series thred inserts having Opposite Diagonal Knurls provide excellent Torque Resistance Vertical Undercuts in Tri Series Provides Superior Tensile Strength

Straight, Diamon, opposite diagonal etc. are the knurling options available to give solid gripping to Molding applications.

Blind thread or closed bottom Inserts prevents plastic from entering the bottom of the insert.

Thread Size M1.6to M50. BA, BSW, BSPT, BSF & American Threads like UNC, UNF,UNEF & NPT.

Natural / Nickel / Chrome / Any coating as per customers specification.